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Business Advisory

Advisory Services that make a Difference! Our Smart Business Advisory and Consulting Services are innovative, perceptive, and comprehensive solutions to your business needs. Business world has become highly competitive. Expectations of all the business’s stakeholders are changing continuously due to many factors, be it economic, socio-economic, technological, legal, environmental, and many others. Remain relevant, relatable, and technologically modern is what is necessary for business entities to sustain their existence, and what they thrive for. Our Advisory Consultants bring to the table, their prime insights, skills, experience, and technical knowledge that not only help businesses overcome their short-comings but to burst forth in the business world.

For Struggling Entities

We are here in the business, to provide support to companies that are facing strategic problems or challenges that might put a question mark on their survival and sustainability. If you are unable to overcome challenges by yourself and need expert advice to ride through the jumpy road, contact Crest Bits. Our top-notch consultants will provide all the help and guidance to gain your prosperity back.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an analysis of the completion of a business project while taking into account all the relevant factors- Economic, Technological, Legal, Environmental, etc. We carry out a comprehensive feasibility study for start-up entities to ensure their success in the marketplace. This includes Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Technical Analysis, Demand Supply Gap Analysis, and numerous others.

Tailored Advisory Services

We provide customized Business Advisory Services to entities that fulfill their unique strategic needs, notwithstanding their scale, size, or wherever they stand on the strategic ladder.

For Start-ups

Organizational, Legal, Financial, Tax-related and many other decisions need to be taken at the start-up stage. Crest Bits stand with you through it all and provide a Business Advisory Plan that will assist in turning your ideas into reality.

Major Business Advisory Services that we provide:

Crest Bits provides a wide spectrum of business advisory services. Our extensive range of business advisory competencies makes Crest Bits a one-stop-shop for many business entities, catering to their various business needs. Our unique and innovative knowledge, insights, experience, technical expertise, and business industry wisdom enable businesses to benefit from us. We offer different typesof Tailored Advisory Services i.e. Financial/Strategic Management, Business Transformation, Legal and more

For Established Entities

They want to keep climbing the staircase of success and move along with the pace of technology and trends. Crest Bits provides robust Business Consulting and Advisory services to established entities that boost their productivity and help them reach their strategic goals.


Crest Bits through its professional’s offers profound Financial and Accounting services for organizations that require Outsourced Accounting services, so they can focus on the entity’s management and strive for its growth.

We believe in client satisfaction, that is why we offer flexibility. Our services can be customized according to our client’s diverse requirements, whatever the industry, size, or scope of requirement and activities. We provide streamlined and personalized fiscal solutions that serve the client’s individual needs, such as their processes, requirements, and budget.

We are specialists in Financial Accounting. Our highly capable team of Financial Experts consists of Chartered/Public/Certified Accountants provide Services that broadly include recording Financial Transactions, Organizing,  Summarizing, and Internal Auditing Fiscal Data, and generating reports and statements that follow standard industry formats. We deliver according to your preferred timescale, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Crest Bits outsource its professional team to perform the following functions for its clients:
  • Posting of Accounting Entries into Ledgers.
  • Control Account Reconciliations.
  • Audit Schedules.
  • Review of Internal Controls and Accounting Manuals.
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals.
  • Providing Support to Management in the roles of Accountant or Book-Keeper, Controller, and Finance Manager
  • Providing training to new, as well as existing Finance Staff.

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