Bahria Heights

Phase 1 Building A and B. Apartment 130, Islamabad

8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday to Saturday


Business Advisory

Advisory Services that make a Difference! Our Smart Business Advisory and Consulting Services are innovative, perceptive, and comprehensive solutions to your business needs.

Our Advisory Consultants bring to the table, their prime insights, skills, experience, and technical knowledge that not only help businesses overcome their short-comings but to burst forth in the business world.

  • Tailored Advisory Services
  • For Start-ups
  • For Established Entities
  • For Struggling Entities
  • Feasibility Study

Human Resource

Nowadays, outsourcing Human Resources has become a new swing and it’s increasing rapidly in the business world. So many reasons and benefits justify this growing trend. Small businesses and start-ups often don’t have enough resources, required budget, or body of knowledge to establish or substantiate an eminent human resource department.

  • HR help desk via email.
  • HR administrative tasks.
  • HR audits.
  • HR Outsourcing Service

IT Support Services

Our IT support services are highly fabricated to be responsive, conformable, and deliberative. We live in times where everything is quite computer controlled. All the technological innovations have changed the course of time and have brought new and different ways of business operations.

Our team of experts is here to consult, maintain, develop and assist your IT base. We at Crest Bits provide remote IT support 24/7 regardless of your location. Our amiable IT service help desk team and IT support technicians provide you with all the assistance you need to keep your IT system run fawlessly.

IT Development

Our IT development services have the ability to digitally transform your business to be innovative and agile so that it can prosper.